Non-ferrous metals

We offer a wide range of non-ferrous metals from key Polish, European and global producers - on request, we deliver materials with 3.1 or 2.2 certificates.

The offer of metallurgical products made of non-ferrous metals includes: aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, bronze.

Products made of aluminum and aluminum alloys:

Aluminum is a light and malleable metal with a silvery-gray color. Aluminum makes up 8% of the earth's crust, the density of aluminum is about 2.7 g/cm3, and the melting point is 660 oC. Aluminum is characterized by high electrical and thermal conductivity, it is a metal resistant to corrosion. Pure aluminum is soft and malleable and weldable. Pure aluminum is used for electric wires, foils, in the food industry, in electronics, electrical engineering and in construction. Aluminum alloys additionally contain alloying elements - mainly: Si - silicon, Mg - magnesium, Mn - manganese, Cu - copper, Zn - zinc, Ti - titanium, Ni - nickel, Fe - iron. Aluminum alloys have much higher strength properties than pure aluminum and are used as construction materials in many industries. Aluminum alloys from the 7xxx group with the addition of zinc and magnesium achieve strength properties similar to structural steels - fortal AW-7075, certal - AW-7022. Various properties of aluminum and aluminum alloys are obtained not only by adding appropriate alloying elements, but hardening states also have a significant impact on the properties.

Cold and hot rolled aluminum sheets; unalloyed and alloyed sheets; corrugated sheets and tapes - ribbed; stucco decorative sheets; anodized sheets in natural, gold, black and other colors; varnished and coated aluminum sheets; deep drawing sheets; aluminum plates in sheets or ready-made pieces cut to size; aluminum strips in coils; round, square and rectangular aluminum bars - flat bars; round, square and rectangular aluminum tubes; aluminum sections: equal and unequal angles, T-sections, I-sections, U-sections, Z-sections; other sections and profiles: decorative, display, air-conditioning, advertising, frames, radiators, polycarbonate, shutter, window sill, coffers.

We offer:

Anodized aluminum and brass sheets for engraving:

  • Anodized aluminum for CO2 laser engraving and mechanical engraving,
  • AW-5005 anodized aluminum for mechanical and CO2 laser engraving,
  • Engraving brass varnished for mechanical engraving,
  • Natural engraving brass for mechanical engraving.


Cold and hot rolled copper sheets; copper strips in coils; copper sheets and strips for construction - bare-rolled, oxidized and patinated; copper flat bars - bare and tinned electrolytic copper rails; round, square and hexagonal copper rods; round, square and rectangular copper tubes; copper wires; copper rod; copper pieces cut from - flat bars, cubes.

We offer:

Cu-al cupal sheets (bi-metal):

Cupal sheet - cupal sheet - CuAl sheet - copper-aluminium sheet, bi-metal sheet - made of 50% copper and 50% aluminum - main use for copper-aluminium connections in power installations - bi-metal sheet, copper-aluminum sheet in sheets, various cuts.


The basic components of brass are copper and zinc in the amount above 2%. Depending on the required properties, brass may also contain other alloying metal additives: aluminum, arsenic, chromium, tin, silicon, manganese, lead and iron. Metallurgical products made of brass, depending on the content of individual elements and hardening conditions, are intended for various applications in a wide range of products and for various types of processing - hot forming, cold forming, forging, cold working, machining. The average density assumed for basic brass grades is 8.5 g/cm3. Two-component brasses containing only copper and zinc are susceptible to plastic processing, they can be easily welded and soldered, while brasses containing additional lead are intended for machining. As for brass, we offer hot and cold rolled brass sheets, brass strips in coils, brass rods with a round, square and hexagonal cross-section; brass flat bars; round pipes, brass profiles and sections and brass fittings.

We offer:


Bronze bars and rollers, bronze flat bars; bronze plates, bronze pieces; rollers and smolder brown.


Titanium sheets, titanium rods, strips, pipes, titanium and titanium alloy wires.

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