Aluminium - metallurgical products made of aluminum and aluminum alloys:

Aluminum - Al is a light metal, its density is 2.7 g/cm3. Pure aluminum is malleable and conducts heat and electricity well. We also offer many aluminum alloys for specific applications that have higher hardness and strength. Aluminum metallurgical products we offer: strips, sheets, bars, aluminum flat bars, pipes and profiles, formats. Rolled products - aluminum sheets and strips as well as extruded and drawn products - bars, flat bars, pipes, we offer aluminum and aluminum alloys, including: AW-1050A (3.0255, Al99.5); AW-2017A (3.1325, AlCuMg1, AlCu4MgSi(A)); AW-5005 (3.3315, AlMg1, AlMg1(B)); AW-5083 (3.3547, AlMg4.5Mn, AlMg4.5Mn0.7); AW-5754 (3.3535, AlMg3); AW-6082 (3.2315, AlMgSi1, AlSi1MgMn); AW-7022 (AlZnMgCu0.5, AlZn5Mg3Cu, CERTAL); AW-7075 (3.4365, AlZnMgCu1.5, AlZn5.5MgCu, FORTAL).

Aluminum sheets:

  • cold-rolled and hot-rolled aluminum sheets
  • unalloyed and alloyed aluminum sheets
  • decorative aluminum sheets (stucco, anodized)
  • foiled aluminum sheets
  • aluminium corrugated (ribbed) sheets in sheets and coils
  • aluminum sheets in coils - aluminum strips
  • cut aluminum sheets

Aluminum plates:

  • thick aluminum plates in standard formats
  • aluminum shapes cut from thick aluminum plates in rectangular and square formats

Anodized aluminum sheets for engraving:

  • Anodized aluminum for CO2 laser engraving and mechanical engraving
  • AW-5005 anodized aluminum for mechanical and CO2 laser engraving

Cast aluminum bars - diameters up to 750 mm:

  • cast aluminum bars in grade 5083
  • cast aluminum rods in grade 2007

Extruded and drawn aluminum bars:

  • aluminum round bars
  • aluminum square bars
  • aluminum flat bars (rectangular aluminum bars)

Aluminum pipes:

  • round aluminum pipes
  • aluminum square tubes
  • rectangular aluminum pipes

Aluminum sections and profiles:

  • Equal and unequal aluminum angles
  • aluminum tees
  • aluminum I-beams
  • aluminum channels
  • aluminum z-sections
  • other special purpose aluminum profiles

Offered grades of aluminum and aluminum alloys:

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