Copper and copper alloys

Copper (Cu) has a density of 8.96 g/cm3 and a melting point of 1083 °C. Copper is a very good thermal and electrical conductor. Under the influence of atmospheric conditions, copper undergoes slow surface corrosion, covering it with a characteristic green patina. Copper can be worked cold and hot. Copper products we offer: strips, sheets, rods, copper flat bars, pipes and profiles. The basic type of copper we offer is Cu-ETP electrolytic copper (E-Cu58, CW004A). On request, we import copper products in the following grades: Cu-DHP (SF-Cu, CW024A); Cu-HCP (SE-Cu57, CW021A).

The copper products we offer are mainly manufactured in accordance with European standards:

Copper - metallurgical products made of copper:

  • cold-rolled and hot-rolled copper sheets,
  • cold-rolled copper strips,
  • copper sheets in coils,
  • copper sheets and tapes for the construction industry (for roofing, façades and flashings),
  • oxidized and patinated copper sheets and strips,
  • copper flat bars - copper rails,
  • copper bars with a round, square and hexagonal cross-section,
  • copper pipes of circular, square, rectangular and other cross-sections,
  • copper wires,
  • copper rod,
  • copper tape,
  • special purpose copper profiles and sections,
  • copper blocks cut from sheets and plates;

Copper grades:

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