Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, the content of which reaches 40%. Brass alloys may also contain additions of other metals: lead, aluminum, tin, manganese, iron, chromium and silicon. The melting point of brass depends on the grade and is about 1000 °C, while the average density of brass is 8.5 g/cm3. Brass alloys are resistant to corrosion, ductile, susceptible to plastic forming and have good casting properties. Rolled products - brass sheets and strips are offered mainly in CuZn37 grade (CW508L, C27200), extruded and drawn products - rods, flat bars, pipes are offered in CuZn39Pb3 grade (CW614N, C38500). On request, we also import other types of brass: CuZn5 (CW500L, C21000); CuZn40Pb2 (CW617N, C37800); CuZn40 (CW509L, C28000); CuZn39Pb2 (CW612N, C37700); CuZn38Pb2 (CW608N, C37700); CuZn37Pb2 (CW606N, C35300); CuZn36Pb3 (CW603N, C36000); CuZn36Pb2As (CW602N, C35330); CuZn36Pb1.5; CuZn36 (CW507L, C27000); CuZn35Pb2; CuZn35Pb1 (CuZn36Pb1.5, CW600N, C34000); CuZn35; CuZn33 (CW506L, C26800); CuZn30 (CW505L, C26000); CuZn28 (CW504L, C25600); CuZn2O (CW503L, C24000); CuZn15 (CW502L, C23000); CuZn10 (CW501L, C22000); CuNi2Si; CuNi1.5Si.

The brass products we offer are mainly manufactured according to European standards.

Brass - we offer metallurgical products made of brass in the form of:

  • cold and hot rolled brass sheets,
  • cold-rolled brass strips,
  • brass bars with a round, square and hexagonal section,
  • brass flat bars - brass bars with a rectangular cross-section,
  • brass pipes with a round cross-section of general purpose and made of lead brass,
  • lead brass profiles and sections,
  • brass wires,
  • brass profiles and sections,
  • brass plates for engraving,
  • brass formats - flat bars, cubes cut from brass sheets and plates).

We offer brass products from the following types of brass:

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