Cupal, bimetal Cu-Al - Copper and aluminum sheets

Cupal sheets - bi-metal sheets, aluminium-copper sheets, Cu-Al sheets are indispensable in the energy, electrical and electronic industries. Washers and spacers necessary to connect copper devices with aluminum elements are made of Cu-Al sheets. Connections made using cupal washers prevent the formation of electrochemical corrosion at the connection of aluminum - copper Cu-Al.

Cupal sheet is composed of two layers: an aluminum layer in the EN AW-1050A grade, the copper layer is made of Cu-ETP electrolytic copper. The ratio of the thickness of the aluminum to copper layers is 1:1. The specific gravity of the cupal sheet is about 5.8 g/cm3.

Cu-Al /cupal/ sheets are offered in the following dimensions:

  • thickness range: 0.5 - 2.0 mm,
  • width range: 200 - 400 mm,
  • length range: 800 - 1,200 mm.

Cu-Al sheets very often have very unusual dimensions due to the complicated production process. We sell whole copper-aluminium sheets or we cut them to the required dimensions. Please send us an inquiry with the number and dimensions of the sheets you need - we will send you an offer with the available material.

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